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The Best Collection of Brain Games and Puzzles

A new way to play brain games puzzles. Do you dare to play?

Discover our novel mind puzzles and games by playing them online for free or downloading the apps.

Because you are bored of playing the same old games, we present you a collection of new mind puzzles that will make you enjoy a good time. Challenge yourself and fight to add your scores to our hall of fame.

Cover of Knight

The one and only Chess Domination Problem puzzle that improves your performance by giving you a deeper insight into the game. Attack all squares to solve it.

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brain chess game puzzle  online free


puzzle with partikles

Separate the particles from each other as much as possible. The shortest distance will be indicated by a line. The higher the better. A positive score means you’re above par (better than our Artificial Intelligence). But try to beat the other player’s scores, too!

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In this fun game you must darken all the squares of the board. Tap on a square to change its color. The row, column or diagonal indicated by the square you tap will also change color.

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rows columns diagonals

Number Hopper

animal hopper

Number Hopper: The brain game that brings you a different puzzle every day. This fun game challenges you to get your character to reach its destination by hopping from square to square depending on their value. It may seem simple but the difficulty lies in getting as many points as possible.

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Place the 3×3 group of balls on the board, trying to match as many colours of existing balls as possible. For each matching colour you’ll get 5 points. For every ball placed on an empty space you’ll get 1 point. If you place a ball atop another ball of a different colour a black ball will be created, that you could remove by spending points.

If you’ve done well enough, you can submit your score to the hall of fame!

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brain game puzzle color compositions


adjacent columns

At the start of the game you’ll see squares in two colours. The goal of the game is to turn them all dark. Tap on a square to change the colour of the adjacent ones indicated by the arrows.The tapped square itself will also change if it has a little dot in the centre.

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You can also try all these games on our page.

Why are our brain games and puzzles different?

Since the beginning of mankind, playing has always been important in everyday activities. Playing allows us to have fun, pass the time and interact with others.
The arrival of cell phones posed a challenge when it came to designing games that adapt to the conditions of touch screens. We are fortunate to have a great experience in game design thanks to our partner Nestor Games and we have tried to take advantage of all that knowledge to go a little further when it comes to pose mental challenges that are attractive to our users. To do this we have focused on the following features:


Many of the games that exist today on mobile platforms are copies of larger games that have been scaled to fit inside the mobile screen or are full of accessory details that take focus away from what is really important: the game.
Our proposal in this sense is totally different, we have designed games from scratch and thought only and exclusively for mobile devices. n addition, we’ve designed the interface in such a way that it helps the player focus on the game itself, avoiding any unnecessary distraction.

No advertising:

This is very important to us. We believe that advertising almost always destroys the game experience, so we have opted from the beginning for a freemium system in which you can play the game for free, or access more features with a small one-time payment.

Every day a new challenge:

To keep the game alive we have decided to create daily challenges; that is, the games have a built-in calendar to present a different challenge every day and make the game more interesting. From the calendar view you can access the previous days and try to improve your own records..

Score board web page and social media:

For some of our games we have created a web page where the best records of each day are registered and this way you can compete with other players to get your game score on the hall of fame.

You can also share your records on social networks to compete with your friends and friends.

Multiplatform development:

For the development of the games we use “Godot Engine” first because it is free software, which simplifies things a lot, second because of the ease of programming that allows and third because it facilitates us exporting our games to mobile desktop platforms as well as the web.
We really hope that this collection of games, which will gradually increase, will be of interest to you. If so, we would be very grateful if you could give us a favorable review in the Apple and Android app stores.

In short we are trying to create the best mind challenge game experience for mobile devices, desktop and web in a clear, simple and friendly way for all our users.

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