We present a different way to play chess: Cover of Knight. With this game you can play free online in its html5 version or in its versions for Apple, Android or desktop versions.

What is Cover of Knight?

The game consists of attacking all the squares of the board with as few pieces as possible. To complicate it a little more we have removed some squares and so we get different boards to play.

There are two game modes:

  • Basic: allows you to use all the pieces you want, the pawns can be in the first and last row and we can use the bishops as we want.
  • Advanced: We can only use the pieces that are in a normal chess game, the bishops will have to be in different squares and the pawns can not be in the first or last row.

In the following video you can see how it works:

Play free chess with the html5 version online for free.

We offer you the possibility to play for free online with this chess game that you can play in your browser in its html5 version.

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Play chess online for free with a web html5 version

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