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Solving a Number Hopper puzzle might look overwhelming at first. Moreover, you won’t get far by simply tapping on squares randomly. The average number of options per turn is 1.5 approx. This means you will get stuck around 200 times for every 4×4 puzzle you end up solving.

Fortunately, Number Hopper is about intuition and deduction. The more you play the more tactics you will find and the sooner you will get to the solution. But this requires a bit of patience, just like in any other solitaire game.

If you’re in a hurry, here is a short cheat list for newbies. Stay tuned for advanced tips in the future.

1. A square can be reached from any other square on the same row or column containing a number equal to the distance to that square.

Example: The square on the left can be reached from square ‘3’ because it’s 3 steps away.

2. Find which squares you can reach the goal space from. If there is only one, keep it for the last jump.

Example: Only the square marked in red can reach the goal, so you must use it as your last jump.

3. Squares with high numbers usually have only one possible destination. If you visit that destination beforehand, you won’t have options for that large number afterwards, so you won’t be able to take it. This means taking large numbers first might be a good idea.

Example: The square with a ‘4’ can only drive you to one place (square with a ‘2’), so you must avoid reaching the square ‘2’ from anywhere else or you will render that ‘4’ useless.

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Some basic Number Hopper strategy tips

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